Do you want to know what supplies I use when I create my realistic watercolor paintings?

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When we want to paint beautiful, lifelike watercolors of animals, flowers and other subjects in a realistic style, we need good quality supplies to help us get the results we are aiming for.

If you have painted with watercolors before, some of the supplies I am going to mention here may be familiar to you, and some of them may be new acquaintances.

The watercolor materials we choose to work with often comes down to a personal choice, and what suits me is not always what is best for you.

In my FREE e-book, I share with you what I use to create my realistic and vibrant watercolor paintings. I hope this will help you to navigate the jungle of watercolor supplies.

Watercolor materials can be divided into four main categories:

● Watercolor paper – paper that is especially made for watercolor.
But what brand and texture? And what on earth does torchon and NOT mean?
● Brushes made for watercolor.
There are soft brushes and stiff brushes, round and flat.
What type do you need for painting realistic watercolors?
● Watercolor paint. There are different brands to choose from, and different types of paint quality.
And what colors should you choose?
● Other supplies, like a palette to mix your paint in and water containers
(yes, with an s). And, what else are you going to need?

Do you want to know what watercolor supplies I use when painting realistic watercolors?