How to paint a realistic cat eye in watercolor

Have you always wanted to paint lifelike animals and wildlife, fluffy fur and sparkling animal eyes in watercolor – but your paintings look flat and nothing like you envisioned?
Stop the struggling and frustration, and

Paint this beautiful, realistic cat eye in watercolor together with me. With clear instructions and a clear path to follow, you can follow along at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, in my step-by-step, video lessons.
This is possible for you!

Learn by doing

I whole-heartedly believe that the best way to learn how to paint is to paint your favorite subjects.
If you love to paint detailed animals, wildlife and nature – or would love to start – this is for you.

In this masterclass I´m going to show you the watercolor techniques I use to create a realistic eye and fur, and I also let you see my mistakes and how I fix them.

Paus, play, repeat, and watch as many times as you like.

No music added, so put on your favorite tune and dive in!

Of course YOU can paint realistic watercolors, and I´ll show you how.