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What if you could STOP  feeling frustrated and stuck, and start painting what you love, with joy and ease?
Let me show you how to paint realistic animals, wildlife and nature in watercolor, grow your skills and confidence,  and transform your watercolor paintings from

The Watercolor Membership

This is it. This is what is going to change things for you.

Imagine if you could…

🐾 Grow and refine your skills and bring beautiful animals, wildlife and nature watercolor art to life on your paper.

🦋 Finally eliminate the gap between what you want to achieve and what your paintings actually look like.

🐯 Feel confident, happy and relaxed every time you sit down to paint. No more overwhelm!

🐢 Stop feeling exhausted, wasting hours and hours online looking for videos, trying to put it all together on your own.

🦊 Put all your doubts and insecurities away and start enjoying the process.

🦁 Pick and mix colors with confidence.

🐝 Have 24/7 instant access to a growing collection of step-by-step video tutorials with clear instructions and a clear path to follow – from the comfort of your own home.

🐱 Have a place to go with all your questions, and be part of a supportive community with fellow artists, that cheers you on and shares their own struggles, wins, knowledge, tips and tricks.

🐿️ Establish a regular art practise and begin an exciting, fulfilling art journey.

🐎 Maybe even create a portfolio with your own body of work, and start taking commissions and earn money with your art.

“I never thought I had much artistic skill, but I started painting and fell in love with the process.”

Whether you’re a beginner, or a more experienced artist that want to refine your realistic artwork – this is the perfect place for you.

With the right guidance and support ANYONE can learn how to paint realistic animals and wildlife in watercolor.


online watercolor school and membership

Hi, I´m Jessica.

I am a professional Swedish watercolor artist creating courses and programs in English because I want to embolden and empower as many artists as possible to embrace their passion and love for painting realistic animals and wildlife in watercolors.

20 years ago I started painting with watercolors, so I could help supporting my little family by selling some art. I chose watercolor because it was the quickest and most affordable option.

I´m completely self taught, because I had to teach myself how to paint, and I learned it by figuring it out along the way.

I got hooked, started my art business and I have been painting professionally with watercolors  ever since, and today I´m specializing in animal, wildlife and nature art.

With the right guidance and support I believe everyone can learn how to paint amazing realistic watercolors.
And I learned it the hard way, so you don´t have to ♥

online watercolor courses and membership

The Watercolor Membership is currently not open for enrollment.

enrollment opens 2-3 times a year

This is to make sure all new members get full support to settle into our community, and guidance towards the important next steps.

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