Grow your skills and confidence

- learn how to paint -

Animals & Wildlife
in Watercolors

Have you always dreamed of painting realistic animals and wildlife in watercolor – but you´re constantly struggling and your paintings look nothing like you envisioned?

Let me save you YEARS of doing it on your own.
With my tried and tested methods you can learn how to paint
realistic animals, wildlife and nature inspired watercolor art,
save time and frustration, grow your skills and confidence, and





You´ve always dreamed of creating stunning realistic watercolor art but feel intimidated by the blank paper and have no idea where to start - so you often just don´t.


You just wish for someone to once and for all de-mystify the painting process so you don´t have to struggle and get frustrated every time you sit down to paint.


You have been hoping that one day you will be able to create beautiful realistic watercolors, but you never seem to get the results you want so you´re almost ready to give up.

  • You´re new to painting, or have been painting for a quite a while, without getting to where you want to be
  • You want to create lifelike paintings of animals and wildlife, and really capture their souls on paper, but…
  • Your paintings look flat and nothing like you envisioned them in your head
  • You´re constantly on Youtube trying to piece everything together, how and what to do, and it´s exhausting
  • You´re feeling stuck and can´t seem to make any progress
  • You´re tired of struggling on your own
  • You feel that you need a clear path to follow, more support, inspiration and tips, and a place to go with all your questions

I totally get it, because I´ve been there
(except then there was no Youtube, eek!)

Now is Your Time

THIS IS IT. This is what is going to change things for you.

Imagine what it would feel like to create the realistic animal watercolor paintings you´ve been dreaming of.

Brush in hand, just painting away, immersing yourself in the joy of creating beautiful vibrant lifelike animals and wildlife, and make them come alive on your paper.

No frustration. No struggling. No feeling stuck.

What would that mean to you?
How would that make you feel?

Happy and relaxed? Excited and fullfilled? Confident and calm?
Proud of what you´ve accomplished?
And finally feeling good about yourself and what you create?
Such powerful feelings!

✨This is possible for you✨

Next, imagine everything that lies ahead when you finally reach this turning point.

Maybe you could…

✨ establish a regular art practise and live a more creative, happy and fulfilled life?
✨ decorate your home with your new paintings?
✨ gift beautiful paintings to your friends and family?
✨ support your favorite animal charity with your paintings?
✨ start taking animal portrait commissions?
✨ sell your art at craft fairs?
✨ start selling your original paintings online?
✨ sell fine art prints?

So many possibilities, along with the most important one:
finally doing something for yourself, and having a meaningful, fulfilling, exciting and relaxing way of creative expression.

With the right guidance and support ANYONE can learn how to paint realistic watercolors!

Allow me to guide you step by step in creating awe-inspiring works of watercolor art, and save you YEARS of doing it on your own.

My watercolor membership is all about helping you learn techniques and methods, so that you can develop your skills and your confidence and finally create the art you´ve always dreamed of.
All in a warm and welcoming community. We love focusing on details just as mush as you do. We encourage it!

Step by step you will learn, practice, refine and improve, and build the confidence you need to paint beautiful animals and nature in watercolors. Bye bye Imposter Syndrome!

You learn how to paint as you paint. And especially when you paint what you love.

Inside the membership I teach you all the foundations and skills you need to create your own amazing realistic animal and nature inspired watercolor paintings, and I hold nothing back. I´m passionate about sharing everything I know about realistic and detailed watercolor painting with you.

No more wasting time. No more frustration. No more piecemeal-ing.

There is a wonderful world of watercolor animal and wildlife inspiration, carefully created step-by-step video lessons, tips, tricks and a warm, supporting, welcoming community of like-minded people waiting for you in the Wild Watercolors Studio Membership >>

Imagine if you could…

🐾 Grow and refine your skills and bring beautiful animals, wildlife  and nature watercolor art to life on your paper.

🦅 Feel that you can paint anything you set your mind to

🐱 Be part of a supportive art community, that is cheering each other on and shares their struggles, wins, knowledge, tips and tricks.

🦁 Pick and mix colors with confidence.

🦊 Put all your doubts and insecurities away and start enjoying the process.

🦋 Finally eliminate the gap between what you want to achieve and what your paintings actually look like.

🐯 Feel confident, happy and relaxed every time you sit down to paint.

🐿️ Establish a regular art practise and create the artwork you’ve always imagined you could

🐝 Have access to a growing library of carefully created step-by-step video tutorials with clear instructions and a clear path to follow – from the comfort of your own home.

🎨 Bring joy, mindfulness, positivity, confidence and a sense of calm into your life.

This is possible for you!



🐾 and make your wildest art dreams real 🌿

online watercolor school and membership

Hi, I´m Jessica!

I am a Swedish watercolor artist creating courses and programs in English because I want to embolden and empower as many people as possible to embrace their passion for painting realistic animals and wildlife in  watercolors.

Twenty years ago I started painting with watercolors, so I could help supporting my little family by selling some art. I chose watercolor because it was the quickest and most affordable option.

I´m completely self taught, because I had to teach myself how to paint, and I learned it by figuring it out along the way.

I got hooked, started my art business and have been painting professionally with watercolors  ever since.

I believe everyone can learn how to paint realistic watercolors – and I learned it the hard way, so you don´t have to!

See you on the inside!


Membership plans

Monthly Membership



Low fee, great value

Full access 24/7 to Jessica’s growing library of watercolor tutorials. All at a great value, low monthly price.

Work at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.

Get access to our exclusive member´s Facebook group to chat about watercolor, showcase your paintings and get support and feedback from like minded artists.

*This membership subscription will auto-renew every month. Cancel at any time. You have the option to upgrade to our annual plan at any time.

Annual Membership



12 months for the price of 10

The annual membership gives you exactly the same access and benefits as the monthly plan, but at a BETTER PRICE.

Get immediate access 24/7 to all tutorials and our exclusive member´s Facebook group – all at our best value annual price.

*This membership subscription will auto-renew every year. Cancel at any time.

When cancelled, your annual membership will run until the end of your current subscription period, at which point it won’t renew if you have cancelled.


What´s included in the membership?

  • 24/7 full access to a growing library of Jessica´s amazing online watercolor courses
  • A new tutorial each month – varying between Focus Tutorials and Full Portraits
  • Monthly Q & A
  • Weekly Paint Club – relaxed and fun live painting together
  • Paint from the comfort of your own home. Grow your skills at your own pace.
  • Focus tutorials – eyes, fur, ears, noses. Quick wins, excellent practise.
  • Full tutorials – animal portraits. Build you confidence.
  • All tutorials are carefully planned, with step by step video instruction.
  • Videos, reference photos, line drawings included in all tutorials
  • Get access to our exclusive member´s Facebook group. Connect with like minded people, on the same journey as you.
online watercolor courses and membership

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